Who We Are


We are a bunch of good mates from the great University of Wales - Aberystwyth.  The group includes us graduates from 2000 as well as a couple of louts who, although they didn’t study (well not that we did much) at Aber, they enjoy the stooodent life with us!!!  If it wasn’t for me not drinking, this group could easily have be called Alcoholics Anonymous due to the strong bond the other members have built to drink!!!!


We mostly met through our geeky computer degrees.  I use the word Geek only as it was computer based.  None of us are geeks!  (‘snort, laughing with more snorts while pushing thick glasses further up my nose’)


AberCrew members (in alphabetical order)




Becky Twigg (aka Yoda, Hippy, ‘old bird’)


Matt Wrights’ better half and she got a 1st in Eniviromental Studies at Aber.  Although her age is nearly the same as all of the other crew added together (I am soooo dead!), she is just as young as us at heart.  She doesn’t eat meat (unlucky Matt), recycles nearly everything (don’t think she is drinking her own urine yet), and is always thinking of the environment.  Saying all of that, she has a wicked sense of humour, drinks like a fish and is a great person to have a good old chat about anything and everything with.  Top Bird!



Ben Cann (aka The Whippet)


Ben studied at Aber with us fellow geeks.  He is in the Guinness Book of Records for having 0.0002% of body fat on him.  He recently got married (Aug 2003)to the lovely Jill, and I am sure we will hear the pitty-patter of tiny feet soon……..  A bonus of Ben getting married, was the stag weekend in Newquay – huge amounts of fun was had!!!!  He is a sound bloke even if he does wear a dress!!!!!!!!!



Darryl Smith (aka Me!, Big D, Dazzler, Phat Bastard)


Well what can I say about this top bloke??  Graduated from Aber with a B.Eng in Software Engineering.  Dashing, humorous, hung like a horse – nuff said!

ok ok, I always try to make a joke of everything and do tend to rabbit on and on and on and on…….see what I mean!!!!  Met Emma (future Mrs Smith) in the 1st year and we have been together since (ahhhhh).  I like cars, motorsport, photography but most of all enjoying time with the other AberCrew lay-abouts.



David North (aka Naughty Norff, boy-racer, The Wedge)


Another graduate geek.  His life revolves around his car and tennis.  Actually, I forgot to mention DRINK!!!!  In the 2nd year, Dave and Keith managed an impressive erection…….of beer cans in only a few months!!!  The 2nd year also gave Dave some very interesting hair styles (using styles in a very very loose term).  The classic was The Wedge.  This consisted of a giant wedge shape coming from the side of his head.  He spent hours just getting it right……the hours were also spent asleep!



Emma Gidlow


This fine woman graduate in Law from Aber a year earlier than us.  She now lives with a hunk of a man who apparently is hung like a horse!!!  When I met Emma, apart from being pretty, clever, funny (crawl crawl) she also had a huge pair of baps!!!!  I am glad to say they are still looking great and she now has a great ass too!!  I am so dead!

I am not sure if it is her stressful job or having to put up with me, but she does like a little drink now and again…and again and again!!!



Keith Smith


He graduate with a 1st in Maths (masters) from Aber in 2000.  He is now doing a PhD in Hydrodynamics (something to do with fluids - ooer) as he is scared of the real world and has to put up with having lots of lie-ins, playing golf, going out……BASTARD!!!!  Twin to the hunk mentioned above, he also shares the love for the drink - well actually probably leads the quest for more drink.  He, as we do, really likes Aber.  He likes it so much that he once slept in a bus shelter to feel ‘as one’ with the town…..until he was asked to move on by the police.



Mark Smith (aka Starving Marvin, Mawg)


Not actually a graduate of Aber, Mark joined in the crew through his brothers (the Hunk and the Drunk).  He married Natasha (aka Tash (which I am not sure if it is due to her name or the caterpillar resting on her top lip - so dead again)) and has a little boy called Jack (who has a couple of awesome uncles).  He used to be a bit chunky, but lost loads of weight and became Starving Marvin.  I was very worried that one day he would slip down a drainage grate.  He has put on a few pounds since then, so I am not so worried.



Martyn Roche (aka Marty, Mary)


Another non-aber member.  He joined the group through Dave.  He used to come up for a regular knees-up, and now joins in with all the activities we get up to.  Another member with a fondness for cars, photography and also getting completely hammered!  He always has many tales to tell and, from what he has said, should be in the Guinness Book of Records for highest speed on public highways ;o)  We nearly lost this member along with Dave, as they had a ‘moment’ in the Civic during one of their Cannonball Runs to Aber.  Fortunately, the only damage was to the rear bumper, his pride and their underpants!!!!



Matt White (aka the Iceman, Top Dollar)


Another ‘geeky’ Aber grad.  We met this amusing chap through Ben during a Uni project.  He joins the others in a fondness for the ‘nectar of the gods’ (providing it has a % printed on it).  He does not like cars at all, or any chatting about them.  A funny and gross guy with filthy sense of humour and a fetish for wiping himself on peoples curtains!!!  He enjoys to gamble and can often be found at a fruit machine or in the Casino.  He has also had a variety of hair styles, from crew-cut, long, pink and blonde!



Matt Wright (aka Yeti, Chewbacca, Toy-boy)


This yeti-like beast was also a graduate (a 1st I think) of the geeky variety.  He too met his woman (not a girl I might add) in the 1st year and has lead a condemned life since then.  He too likes photography, cars and drink.  Although he has the looks of a wild animal, he is a good lad and always has time for other people (especially if they are female).  He has long hair and a goatie, although he has tried experimenting.  He likes a nice big juicy steak whilst the other half grazes in the garden  :o)



Nigel Palmer (aka ChubbyP, Chubster, Nigemeister)


Yet another long-haired geeky grad.  Known as ChubbyP, due to his huge mass, you will find this guy anywhere where there is fun happening.  He has a long-term bird called Hannah – a strange phenomenon as she is very small, but makes a lot of noise ;o)  Honestly she is nice :o)   Nigel also has a special in built drunkenness detector.  All you need to activate this device is to play some music he can dance to.  You can tell how drunk he is by the height of his arms.  Low down = a little merry.  High up = wankered!   He once also created a lava lamp using a pint of bitter, a very hot pizza and his tongue!!!!